Why could I use this website, where are problems?
Here and here you can see more.

Who can add a topic?

All people than are 13 years old.

Have I do register?

No, this TopicIs.com sites are for unregistred.

Can I add a comment free?

Yes, all you see here is free.

Why I have to write my name?

It is only for header of TopicIs, it has not anothet reason, you can use nickname.

How can I delete post?

Sorry – we do not know, who wrote a topic, so it is for everytime. But be polite please…

Can I add links?

Yes, you can add links in form: www.example.com, http://example.com or http://www.example.com.

All links are FOLLOW! Do not use more than 3 links in one topic!







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