The EVEN Network (EVEN Cross-chain Interaction Network) — is an open, decentralized platform that allows its users to interact with several blockchain platforms at once. They can perform cross-chain transfers, exchange and store crypto-assets, create and execute smart contracts on multiple platforms, and develop and run complete decentralized apps with any business logic using network infrastructure.
The main principle of the EVEN Network is to be open to any cryptocurrency platform. The key objective of the EVEN Network is to integrate and combine not just cryptocurrency platforms, but also the best blockchain solutions on the market while providing convenient tools for creating decentralized services.
By our joint efforts we hope to create a decentralized cross-chain network that will solve problems related to exchange between isolated blockchains and the secure storage of digital assets with the tools and infrastructure to develop decentralized apps and services.
It will be possible to send micro-payments between two or more people on the basis of the EVEN Network, as well as to accept payments from customers for goods or services. Any digital assets can be accepted as a payment method. The platform has no scaling problems, and transaction speed does not deteriorate as the number of nodes increases.